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Forums - Sports Discussion - How many pushups can you do?

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How many, without stopping?

10 or less 24 17.52%
11-20 11 8.03%
21-30 21 15.33%
31-40 17 12.41%
41-50 15 10.95%
51-60 10 7.30%
61-70 10 7.30%
71-80 7 5.11%
80-100 4 2.92%
Over 100 18 13.14%

Tbh I've never tried to see how many I could do before collapsing. I do a hundred every morning before I go jogging. That feels the right amount of taxing without just being flat out exhausting

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I had to do something like this for PE a few weeks ago and got 44.

I'm going to say 60-70. I'm always in the gym and never fresh so I don't know what I could do.

Gym Monday and Wednesday this week. Then at the end of football training on Thursday we were made do 50. Could barely do them but my back is still in bits 2 days later. Obviously shouldnt have done them after 2 tough upper body sessions but such is life.

I do 50 in a minute, I can do more after, but I don't really do it. I want to pace myself and do a little more each time during the span of a minute.


0, I guess.

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The same amount of stars you can see in a bright sunny day.

20, I do sit-ups and pull-ups instead.

Around 15-20 but I haven't done any in a long time, and I started going to the gym a few weeks ago but they are not part of my routine.


10. If I'm lucky and motivated enough XD.

3 set of 12, I increase by 1 every month

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