Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much money have you spent on Smash 4?

I got the Wii U ver at launch (with the Gamecube controller and adapter) and then so far I've bought all the characters and stages and only a select few of the Mii costumes. (Like The Black Knight and Lloyd Irving)

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got it as a christmas gift and it got broken by my son within weeks so $0

Too much. Please save my wallet

3DS + Wii U ($40 +60) at 30% off
- Roy
- Ryu
- Cloud
- Corrin
- GC Adapter

Not sure if Amiibos count

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I'm too lazy to give an exact number, but I bought 4 out of 5 dlc characters (mewtwo was a gift for buying both versions) and I also bought 2 stages.


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I got Smash Bros on Wii U and 3DS, and all the dlc chars for both. So at least 150 USDs maybe...?

And I don't count amiibos. I got them for the figures, and not for Smash.



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I just got the Wii U version and Corrin, so about $65.

cycycychris said:
spurgeonryan said:

But close to 220 on Devils third.

You've spent $100 on microtransactions?

Yeah, I wanted to try out everything. By the time I learned to start saving my level up golden eggs it was too late. I was already close to being done with it. There is nothing too special after I went through it all. Kind of cool though. They tried I guess.

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Just the Wii U version for $60

The DLCs are too pricey.

Don't know the exact amount but i got:
- Smash for 3DS + Smash for WiiU
- All character DLC, all Stage DLC (most on 3DS and WiiU)
- Geno Outfit
- Gamecube Controller Adapter + 2 Smash GC Controller (though i use the controllers for gamecube games as well)
- Link Amiibo (the only Amiibo which i got only because of smash)

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