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Forums - Website Topics - Why is Kwaad back again?

I'm really getting confused now...

A week ago, Kwaad himself demanded a permaban and the mods did as he wished. Now I just realised that he is unbanned again.

It's not that I want Kwaad to be banned, I think he often contributes to the forums in a very interesting manner, altough he can be very annoying too. But this is already the third time since I am writing in these forums that Kwaad has been banned, and twice it was called the ultimate ban. I think the most important thing in this banning issue is a strict line, but it seems to me that Kwaad always gets away with murder somehow.

So please tell me, why is Kwaad unbanned again?

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He asked for a perma-ban. I don't think anyone from the mod team actually called it such (this time). He hasn't been too bad since he started posting again. I say let the mod team do their job, and don't make too big a deal over stuff like this until there's a real reason to do so.

...this thread is kind of unnecessery, he's just a regular ashole, getting way to much attention.

*shrugs* beats me. No personal offense to Kwaad, but I meant it when I perma-banned him...I did not un-ban him, and I still don't know who did or why. I also believe in a strict order, and I would like my word as moderator to count for something...I don't know which fellow moderator unbanned him, but I'd like a PM with an explanation at least. I'm gonna lock the topic to avoid flaming...I hope that was satisfactory.

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