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I last left PC gaming when I got bored of mine craft but I really haven't played many games since 2007, Crysis and finishing AOE3 being the last two I can remember.

So far I've gotten around to playing a few games such as

Vanishing of Ethan sharter,

The stanly pairofballs,

Sim Shitty reboot,

Civ: beyond earth and its DLC,

Starcraft 2 all three eps,

Xcom enemy unknown (Will buy sequel),

Grim dawn,

Pillars of eternity,

Ori and a blind forest gump

and a few classics that I missed out on or replaying.

Also, test drive unlimted 2 , need for speed the run, and Grid.

While I haven't finished some of the games above, some of which are best played in short bursts over weeks/.months/years such as xcom, starcraft, cities ft, it shows a general spectrum for what I like to use my PC for and what games I have the hardware for (Most of the above I can play at 1366x768, medium settings, low anti aliasing (2x-4x XMAA) and depending on the need for frame rate which for the most part hits 60 but some games like Ethan Sharter need settings lowered to reach a fluid fps.

So bassically I am looking for games post 2008 and prior to 2013, file sizes not much more than 15gb due to data cap and cuomputing power unless its an exception like Pillars of enternity and Grim dawn, both of which I can play on medium setting no problem. No open world games or fast racers if they exceed Vanishing of Ethan Carter on low settings 30 fps or Test drive unlimited 2 on low 30 fps.

I have my eye on the following,

Act of agression,


Empire shogun 2,

Tales of ....whatever I have the tech for...ia,

Diablo 3.

Tropico 5,

farming sim 2015

So, any suggestions of must play games? Niche or underated gasmes. I really don't want to spend anymore money unless I'm sure its a game I will enjoy and it won't affected my limited data cap, so 30gb tops on games per month, 15gb being a large size to me. 

I would really appreciate any advice/suggestions.


China Numba wan!!

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No one? Echoooo, Echoooo?


China Numba wan!!

You can give this run and gun a shot, best contra game I've played since contra 4
Destruction Paper
the guy wants 2 bucks for it, I bought it, totally worth it


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Papers, Please

Risk of Rain

Beat Hazard Ultra


Basil's YouTube Channel


Civilization V (aka game of the forever)
Anno 1404 (play this - still very beautiful - classic from 2009 and ignore the vastly overrated Tropico franchise)
Cities: Skylines
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition
Kerbal Space Program
Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut
Homeworld Remastered
Europa Universalis IV
Darkest Dungeon
Sunless Sea
The Banner Saga
Age of Wonders III
Wasteland 2
Stardew Valley
MirrorMoon EP
Endless Space
Endless Legend
War for the Overworld
Mark of the Ninja
The Swapper
Hand of Fate

Best releases from the most underrated PC genre:
Monkey Island 1+2 SE / Day of the Tentacle Remastered / Grim Fandango Remastered / The Book of Unwritten Tales 1+2 / Deponia 1-4 / The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav / Memoria / Her Story / To the Moon / The Journey Down / The Silent Age / Botanicula / Samorost 3 / Gemini Rue / Technobabylon / Shardlight / Primordia / Blackwell 1-5 / Heaven's Hope / The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge / J.U.L.I.A. - Among the Stars / Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet

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Only PC exclusives, or can I reccomend Portal 2?

Also, Sanctum 2. It's also a multiplat, but chances are you never played it on consoles, and it's better on PC either way. It's a FPS/tower defense hybrid (I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but holy shit is it awesome. I've put ~150 hours into it). I'll link to a vid showing some gameplay so you'll get the idea
(Actually just watch that review, it explains it pretty well and it does a good job of showing off the gameplay. Also it's only 5 mins).