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Are the PS4 & Xbox One already out of date?

Yes: I have 4k tv & w... 12 8.89%
Yes: And i will buy a 4k ... 11 8.15%
Yes: But i won't buy upgraded console. 37 27.41%
No: And i have 4k tv 10 7.41%
No: I won't buy upgraded... 65 48.15%

Comparing PC vs Console Gen to Gen I feel like this gen was definitely the furthest behind when they launched.
Maybe Im wrong because I dont know PC gaming history all that well but PS4 and XBO are both disappointing to look at when it comes to specs.

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I chose none of your options. No, I don't think they are out of date. I'm fine with the performance of the PS4. Yes, I have a 4k tv. I don't want the console manufacturers to start a new business model where the normal life cycle is interspersed with upgraded models. But. I will be buying this new PS4 all the same. The only thing that would stop me is $$$ issues. A strange amalgamation of ideology, but that's my take.

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If its simply a PS4 that upscales things to 4k and no one make any game exclusively for this new hardware I dont care and frankly won't even consider purchasing it. If it becomes somethign where devs start to making games exclusively to it then screw you Sony.

ktay95 said:
Comparing PC vs Console Gen to Gen I feel like this gen was definitely the furthest behind when they launched.
Maybe Im wrong because I dont know PC gaming history all that well but PS4 and XBO are both disappointing to look at when it comes to specs.

But consoles are aimed at TV resolution and more power to run 1080p was not really needed, and gamers are to blame with all the jokes about 599 and before launching claiming to the skies that they would not buy at launch if it was more than 349 or 399, i even read people saying the launch price point would be the best at 299. People don't want to pay more, sad but true, within that range, i think they are great machines to play 1080p games. If i had the chance in 2013 to buy a more powerful ps4 costing 599 or even 699, i would buy it if the specs were worth it.

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I think both the Xbox one and PS4 were dead on arrival in term of specs. The average gaming PC was much better then PS4/Xbone on release date and lack of 4k support and pushing full 1080P/60fps was already a concern.

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I won't be buying a new PS4 if it has a bit more power either. TV's are still mainly driven at the moment by 1080p. Yes, 4K Tvs are filtering through but there is still next to no content for them so what really is the average consumer missing out on. Next to nothing.

Also, regarding the supposed PS4K, lets be honest here, all that machine is "likely" to do regarding games at 4K is a simple upscale job, and any games that do run natively at 4K are going to be your 2D indie type games or very very basic 3D games. It's not possible for the PS4K to have anything under the hood that would enable it to do anything otherwise, without some immense cooling going on or Sony making a stupendous loss on each console financially, which they just won't do.

For what its worth, I don't think the PS4 is out of date at all, games still look totally fine to me and am happy to play them.  Been gaming since the late 80s and have never been a graphics whore or a framerate monkey.  If it looks good and plays good, thats fine for me.  And when you see titles like Uncharted 4, Ratchet And Clank etc just around the corner, how can anyone possibly say that looks outdated?  

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I don't have a 4K TV, but I might get one eventually. And no, the the PS4 is not "outdated" as consoles go. At the time of its release it was as good as you could get for a $400 console that wouldn't be a huge loss leader for Sony. Sure, it could have been more advanced, but I don't think Sony was willing to repeat the PS3 situation all over, with the system losing them a ton of money and possibly costing more than most would be willing to pay (the PS3 sold terribly in the U.S. until it was dropped to $400). While it's not the sole point of a console, one of their defining characteristics is to have a system that is just cutting edge enough for its price at the time of its release and will be good enough to last you 5-6 years.

In any cast, I doubt this PS4K even exists, at least in the form of a full spec upgrade. If it does exist it'll probably just be a regular PS4 on the gaming side but is upgraded to play 4K Blu-ray movie/TV discs. Potentially splitting the market with a full spec upgrade is a really bad idea.

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No, but I will buy one if they include a UHD player that can properly downscale to 4:4:4 1080p. There's still plenty juice left in 1080p screens, they've never been fully used for video content. Less compression artifacts and full 1080p color instead of blu-ray 960x540 8 bit chroma subsampling will be enough for me until 4K projectors become affordable.

For games, I'm currently playing Trackmania Turbo, 1080p60, 64 players online racing together to set the best run in 5 minutes per track, tons of fun. Don't care at all it looks like a last gen game.
UHD gaming isn't going to happen, it's not needed. Anyone complaining Uncharted 4 looks outdated?

When I look at Uncharted4, I feel sad for the ones who spend 3000$ for a PC to have non ottimized games.

This is why I'm a Console owner only, and now it's getting even better because we might get a more powerful PS4 every 3 years !

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