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  • Content Limit:  Please try to keep post length reasonable. I'd suggest around 6 pieces of total content (pics/gifs/videos, 3-4 if its an all video post) per post, but all I ask is that people just use discretion and if a post seems too long, just put the rest in a second post.
  • Posting Limit: Try to keep it to 3 posts in a row.
  • Original Content: All content posted in this thread should be self-made, please don't use this thread to post random screenshots/gifs/videos of games.
  • Name Your Game: Always include the name of the game when posting screenshots so people can easily identify the games being played. As well-known as you think Super Mario 3D World may be, its still best to identify it so people who may not know can follow along!
  • Emulators: When posting pictures of games run through an emulator, try to include the name of the emulator alongside the name of their game (ex. Skyward Sword // Dolphin Emulator)
  • Distortion: Please post screenshots in their original aspect ratio & resolution to avoid stretching and other distortion.
  • Spoilers: Please try to avoid posting major spoilers for games. You can always post just the URL to your image if it contains a spoiler, instead of embedding it.
  • NSFW Pictures: Just remember that NSFW rules still apply to game screenshots/gifs/videos, so please avoid posting any screenshot that violates VGChart'z rules when it comes to NSFW content.
  • ALSO! Feel free to give your screens a little back-story as well, and be sure point out if anyone's screenshot looks especially awesome to you! xD

How to upload images using your Nintendo Switch:

  •  Use the capture screenshot/video button on the Switch Left Joy-Con or the Switch Pro Controller to save a screenshot or video of your content. 
  •  Go to the Album menu from the home screen. Select the image/images/video/videos you would like to share.
  •  Upload the content to your social media website of choice. The Switch allows you to upload to either Facebook or Twitter currently.
  • Copy the source URL for these images and embed them into your post on this thread. Or, save them to your PC and then upload them to an image hosting site of your choice (Ex. Imgur) and then embed the URLs into your posts.

How to upload images using your Xbox One / Xbox Series S|X:

  • Press the Home button, then press Y to save a screenshot
  • Go to Upload App -> My Screenshots
  • Press the Start/Menu button over image and "share"

From here there are two methods to retrieve your screenshot:

  • Method 1: Share to Twitter, get link off your Twitter page, copy and paste image
  • Method 2: Share to OneDrive, upload to third party (Imgur, Minus, Flickr) OR get directly from

How to upload images using your PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 using the Share button:

  • Method 1:  Save your screenshot onto a USB drive, and copy it to PC. Use one of the 3rd party image hosting websites and copy the URL for your screenshot into the post.
  • Method 2: Upload your screenshot to Twitter or Facebook. Copy the URL from this image and insert it into the post.
How to upload images using your PC:
  • Take a screenshot using your desired capture service (The old school Print Screen, or the screenshot hotkeys in services like Steam, Origin, Uplay, or a 3rd party capture program like FRAPS)
  • Upload to a desired hosting website (Imgur, Photobucket, etc.)
  • Copy URL from the uploaded image and insert it into your post.


Feel free to mention any other methods that work for you and I'll add them to the OP!

Image hosting websites that have been verified to work with Nintendo 3DS & Wii U:

Image hosting websites to use when posting from an emulator on a PC or Smartphone:

Feel free to PM me with any other image hosting sites that work for you!

Here is a good model to use when posting in the thread:

FINAL FANTAXY IX (PlayStation 4)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)

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Thread finally opened, though I had to recycle my previous banners. Will eventually come up with a new sig & header image eventually

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about how the thread is laid out, or any additional methods of how to upload your screenshots, or file hosts to use, let me know!

Great to have it all on one place Raven!

DriveClub (PS4)
- I kept getting impressed by the level of detail of this game!

inFamous: Second Son (PS4) - It is so easy to take good screenshots of this game... it's a visual masterpiece for its time: both graphically ans stylistically.

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Tagging for future use.

Cool, so what is your plan for the old threads?

May as well post my first screenshots as well :p

Fire Emblem 7 / VBA

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Edit: I was about to post a project x zone 2 screenshot highlighting some great dialogues between characters, but the game is in spanish xD


Platina said:

Cool, so what is your plan for the old threads?

May as well post my first screenshots as well :p

Fire Emblem 7 / VBA

Is that actually part of the game XD



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I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this thread ;o


Game: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Portable
Genre: RPG
System: Playstation Portable



Dat me.


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Tag, in case I ever have images to post.

bet: lost

Game: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4
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My strongest persona ;o


This part is one of the funniest parts in the game - made me laugh especially with the way she said it XD

I didnt want the game to end ;(


Basil's YouTube Channel