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Forums - Sports Discussion - Diaz and Tate shock Mcgregor and Holm!!!


Diaz or Mcgregor?

Diaz 13 31.71%
Mcgregor 25 60.98%
John Herbdean McCarthy 3 7.32%

Most likely Mcgregor but I'm hoping for Diaz. Diaz has surprised me in the past, I thought Jim Miller & Donald Cerrone were both going to win but Diaz beat the shit out of both of them. Even in his last fight, I though Michael Johnson was going to win.

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Gannicusjr said:
Go Díaz fck this narcissistic Irish loudmouth!!!!!!!!!

McGregor is going to win . UP D IRISH!! xD.

ArchangelMadzz said:
The only thing going for Díaz is that conor can't get into his head because that would require Díaz to have a brain.


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Not long to go now. What about holly Holm v meisha tate?

OneKartVita said:
Not long to go now. What about holly Holm v meisha tate?

Definitely Holly. The only way i see Meisha winning is if she can hold Holly down for at least 3 rounds.

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KLXVER said:
I thought this was about whos your favorite between Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor...

Me too. I'd go with Cameron Diaz.

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Wow. Meisha did it. Congrats to her. The whole time after the 2nd round i was wonder why she didn't take Holly down and right at the end she puts her to sleep.

Diaz could win by sub or Mcgregor by decision it can go either way, Also congrats to Meisha I knew she could pull it off.