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sabvre42 said:
Barkley said:

This is actually great advice! You really should contact her in some way, If you barely see each other anymore the longer you wait the less likely anything will come of it. It's best to just contact her and whatever happens happens, but if you do nothing then you'll never be with her either way. I think an actual written letter would be a lot more personal, impactful and be given more attention and thought by her than just a message over facebook.

Holy shit. If serious have either of you actually been laid?

A physical letter becomes borderline stalking given the OPs situation. The most he can do is send an informal facebook message that says nothing he mentioned in his post other than a mention to sitting next to her once.

 Yea...dont send a letter, thats a really bad idea. This day and age i think that would be seen as creepy and cowardly specially since you havent really talked with her. 

How old are you and her btw? Might help us gauge your situation. I asume from this post and others your probably 15-17.


Anyway like what bananaking21 said. To break the ice send an informal facebook friend request, talk a bit and be yourself! If you can sense you and her bounce off each other pretty well then ask her out. Its unfortunite that you havent talked much and shes in a different state so it kinda limits your options.


Or you can be wild and go to her church and try to talk with her. However if you do this then you have to ask her out. Youd have to come clean and say how your mom told you about the church and that when you first saw her you liked her and wanted to get to know her more. Like i said this is a more wild approach, it does work! But you would also have to be ready for rejection. 


I will say dont wait long to ask her! A crush is fine but if you wait to long and start liking her more and more it will just make it worse for you. Sad thing to say but be confident, ask her out and if she says no move on.


Remember just be yourself and confident.

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Sounds like you're really smitten by her. Man, just try to find a common ground, something you can both talk about and let the rest come out naturally. Whether or not she's the one for you, that's hard to tell, but you won't know unless you try.


I don't know you, but from my experience, in most cases, falling in love with a girl that live far away, that you barely know and never talked to... intentionally or not, this is a way not to get involved with a girl, a way not to challenge your ideal ("perfect for me") with reality (great match, at most), a way to not really fail in a normal, hard way, but in a romantic, abstract way. What I mean is that inaccessibility could be not your problem, but the point of it.

That said, I met a girl a 8 years before, we were living 10.000 km away and could at most meet once a year. We are now married, and I'm very happy with her. But, even if very challenging, there were a sense of reality, immediate each-other attraction, weekly Skype, and my decision even before to come to her country in the next 3 years.

So, dare to think about yourself, if you have a long history of self-failures with impossible loves and no real experience, my advice would be to go for the real girls. If not, give it a chance, Facebook, say your are visiting the state, ask if you can meet, that's your best shot. If you really love her, you have to dare to fail.


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You don't know if she's perfect for you besides physical attraction. The only thing you can do is try to interact with her via facebook in the less creepy way.
You seem pretty young, whats your and her age? if things don't work it's not the end of the world.

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A cucumber in the pants never hurts either.

Add her on social media than begin a conversation. You had chances to talk to her in person, you didn't take it, so this is really your only option.

Make a move or forget about her. Don't idealize her or you'll end up disappointed.

Go to the church which her parents own and just talk to her and ask her if after she's done she would like to go for a coffee. Don't let it slide man, I had a huge crush on a girl myself and while I'm well over it now, I still wish I'd atleast gone out with her.

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Snoopy said:
A cucumber in the pants never hurts either.

Looks like somebody here has never had their balls crushed by a cucumber.

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