Forums - Sales Discussion - What game will top last week of First week of May software chat (WW)??

I think the more interesting question is whether MK Wii can sell more altogether than GTA iv. Its not a fair comparison when MK is already released in Others and Japan.



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GTA IV (360) In US, UK, Canada, Australia, and one or two smaller EU countries

GTA IV (PS3) In France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and a few smaller EU countries

Worldwide: GTAIV (360)

What region(s) is MKWii releasing in?

for my answer I'll use NA as the MKWii release

1. GTA4 (360)
2. GTA4 (PS3)
3. MK Wii

America is where people will buy GTA4, and thats where 360 ownz. PS3 has some america so will do well. MK wii will come 3rd just cause GTA4 is too strong (would you rather steal cars and kill people or race cartoon characters?)

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