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Welcome to VGC's Most Attractive User Tournament of 2016! In the elimination process, you will vote for who you think is the most attractive user in the round.


1. Vote from your favourite to least favourite. 4p is full points, 1p is 1 point.

4p - KitKat
3p - Whoppers
2p - Snickers
1p - M&Ms 

2. One vote per round.
3. Must have over 250 posts.
4. No flaming or insults will be tolerated. Not even sly digs.
5. For users participating: If you appear in this round and don't vote, you will be penalized 4 points.

The highest voted in this round will advance to Stage 3.

Users in this round: TheBlackNaruto, Dahum, Stats87, FragilE^

Round 4 Results:

cpg716 - 67 (tiebreaker round)

ReimTime - 67 (tiebreaker round)

Jranation - 44

Wyrdness - 32


Users Advancing to Stage 3:

cpg716 or ReimTime (tiebreaker round)


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4p - FragilE^
3p - Stats87
2p - TheBlackNaruto
1p - Dahum

bet: lost

4p - Stats87
3p - Dahum
2p - Fragile^
1p - TheBlackNaruto

Still not my round? Gee, it's taking forever.

Anyway, my votes:

4p - Fragile
3p - Dahum
2p - TheBlackNaruto
1p - Stats87

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Holy shit a tie! Also, are stats and dahum brothers? xD

4p - Stats87
3p - FragilE^
2p - Dahum
1p - TheBlackNaruto (you dont look like Naruto )

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4p Stats87
3p Dahum
2p TheBlackNaruto
1p Fragile

4p dahum
3p blacknaruto
2p stats
1p fragile

4p - Dahum (OMG you're hot AF!)
3p - Stats87
2p - TheBlackNaruto
1p - FragilE^


4p Stats87
3p Dahum
2p TheBlackNaruto
1p Fragile


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4p - Stats
3p - Dahum
2p - BlackNaruto
1p - FragilE