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Forums - Politics Discussion - Should Trump Become President?

Before we begin, I would like to say Rand Paul is my number one choice for president 2016. With that said, out of the canidates that actually have a chance, Trump is the best!

First we have Hillary Clinton, she is a criminal and becoming more socialist to compete with Bernie Sanders. She pretends to care about womens' rights even though she thinks it is perfectly okay for husbands to cheat on their wives. She also thought the Iraq war was a good idea.

Then we have Bernie Sanders. He is a socialist and wants the United States to be more like Europe. He wants to increase government size and raise taxes on everyone. The only people who really support him are college students who want free tuition at the expense of others.

Then we have Ted Cruz. He flip flops on all his positions and copies everything Donald Trump says. Cruz claims to be tough on immagration even though he is an immigrant himself (he was a Canadian Citizen and an American Citizen at the same time). Cruz is part of the establishment and pretends not to be following the money.

Out of all the Evils, Trump seems like the best option. He is self-funding his campaign and refusing money from millionaire donars. Trump wants to open up western trade within China so we don't get screwed over anymore. Trump is also very tough with national defense. He also have a lot of business experience and knows how to create jobs. The only people who don't really like Trump are those who are politically correct and are afraid to offend people.


What are your guys' opinions on this?

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If you arent white then Trump hates you I am not white so no.

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kooltrex said:
If you arent white then Trump hates you I am not white so no.

Tump Actually does very well with African American voters (well compared to other republicans)

i say yes.

lets see how a business man runs a country. Be a good experiment for the rest of the world to see lol



Wouldn't mind seeing America become the laughing stock of the world.

Would be best not to, but there would be some comedy value in it at least.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Wouldn't mind seeing America become the laughing stock of the world.

Would be best not to, but there would be some comedy value in it at least.




Also hell no! This guy is a comedian at best! He can't run the US!

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Lol. I can't believe you're seriously asking this.

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What does it say to you that our greatest ally devoted a good chunk of a real Parliament session to the idea of banning Trump from the UK? Not just as a joke, but because they HAD to due to a petition passing the required votes to hold a debate about the issue.

If England hates Trump and Putin loves Trump, maybe that's a sign that Trump isn't a good idea.

I won't go any further with the rest of your comment because I'd probably come off as rude no matter how respectfully I try to word my response. I'll simply reiterate: Our sister country held a vote to ban a potential President from the country. There's no irrational twist you can put on that to make it seem good; nothing you can say about England politically can change the fact that a country that's been by our side for the majority of our existence has to consider potentially cutting ties over this man.

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No, for just 1 simple reason: his comment on banning all Muslims from entering the US simple makes him a "racist" (not racist by the official definition, since a Muslim is a follower of the religion of Islam, thus anyone of anyone race can be a Muslim, but I highly doubt Trump and the average Trump supporter understands this). Trump simply discriminates a large group of people.

Don't even know who Rand Paul is. So yes for trump!

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