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Ashen is a haunting open-world survival RPG, coming soon as a lifetime console exclusive to Xbox One, in addition to Steam and the Windows 10 Store.



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I recently caught up with Derek Bradley of Aurora44 Games to discuss Ashen's art, its challenging 'high-risk' gameplay, passive multiplayer and much more.


The game was announced at E3 last year and won immediate praise for its desolate art style and unique multiplayer aspects. Ashen's world submerged in darkness. The only light comes from tectonic eruptions that blanket the game's majestic landscapes in thick ash. It's your job to navigate Ashen's vast open-world, develop a settlement and survive its dark creatures.




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It looks interesting. I really liked the debut video. Not quite sure about that multi-player aspect, though.

I really like everything about it except the characters having no faces. I'll have to get used to that though as this is a must buy for me.