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Forums - Gaming Discussion - One gotta go: Fighters edition


Which one gotta go?

Street Fighter 6 13.64%
Mortal Kombat 24 54.55%
Super Smash Bros 14 31.82%

In the last edition of "One gotta go", a close race came to an abrupt end when the Megaman 2 finished with 53% of the votes, meanign is the platform game that has to go.


Time for a new contest please read before you vote because some people misunderstood and voted wrong.

So what´s this thing about? easy, I choose 3 games (or franchises) of the same genre (or similar) and you pick the one you would eliminate from history (meaning it never existed so you never got a chance to play it)


Please be sure to share some comments when you vote because I do like reading your thoughts

If you have some ideas for the contest please let me know (I know I can use some )


Let´s take a look at the 3 franchises of this edition








So, Which one gotta go?


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Mortal Kombat.

Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter are two important (and great) franchises.

Sorry MK!


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This is probably the hardest one yet.. I really, really can't decide. I'll just pass on this one.

Each one has a very important place in history.

bet: lost

Not really huge into fighters besides Smash, tbh.

If I had to choose between Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, probably MK, cause SF had an extremely huge impact in the genre.

Mortal Kombat no question

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Hmm, I'll probably go with Mortal Kombat

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Smash gotta go

Mortal Kombat can go easily.

There's no love lost between me and Mortal Kombat, so I wouldn't hesitate to see it go if it was between these three franchises.

Mortal Kombat, no contest

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