Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New TPHD scans from famitsu. Wallet increased to 2000 rupees.

Looks good although the scans are quite low res. Also it seems as though you collect fewer tears of light to fill the light vessel in lanayru. There are only 11 seeds of light, in the the original there were 16.

UPDATE: Someone on gamexplain spotted that link can now carry 2000 rupees instead of 1000 rupees in the the original Wii/GC versions.

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Can't wait. I'm more interested in revisiting this game than I am in the new Legend of Zelda.

IAmCrimsonLegion said:
Can't wait. I'm more interested in revisiting this game than I am in the new Legend of Zelda.


Same here!

Cant wait :)!


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Btw it's 12 tears of light. There are 12 spaces on the vessel, and you get the last tear by beating the miniboss.

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Man, it's getting me that the game still has rough edges on the geometry. That really shouldn't happen. I know it isn't a remake but a HD remaster should at least update the texture resolution (yes, the game has done this), and make the geometry more appealing (which hasn't been done.) That's my critique as a 3D artist. However, as a consumer I can't wait.

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Hmm, maybe they knew how tedious and long the intro was, and tried to find ways to shorten it, including the tears of light segments.

The geometry is still jarring but overall I'm still stoked. Never played the Wii version seriously but since I've been more into Zelda recently, I'm looking forward to playing this version.

Great, the tears of light parts were a bit tiresome. It's nice that they acknowledge the mistakes of the original version and they're trying to fix them. I'm not sure about buying this game, but if they make some nice gameplay changes, I might buy it.

I still need to see more of this to buy it, but looks decent so far.


At least they are fixing the amount of rupees we can hold.

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