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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2016 Olympic Games in Rio - Interested? Excited?

4 years since London hosted the games this year Rio will be the host.  Are people getting excited to see the games or an event in particular?  My focus will be watching weightlifting events and then watch some of the athletics / tack & field events.

How about you? What events interest you? Is anyone attending?

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100m and 200m sprint for women.. Dafne Schippers has a real chance for a medal..


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Only interested in about half of the track and field events and men's basketball all the other events I have little to no interest in.

London 2012 were the first olympics games I followed consistently, This year I'm even more curious since I wan't to see how Russia places as well as my own country since Russians athletes were found doped.
Still Imho Italy won't win in many major categories, Italians have shown that they do best in more precise sports such as fencing, archery and martial arts with some medals here and there in swimming/diving...

Edit: How could I forget about Jessica Rossi ? she established the World Record for Clay Pigeon Shooting with a spacial 99/100, she must have practiced on Duck Hunt tho :v I hope she's there too to try to make the highest score possible...

I Dont Know, i Live less than 20KM from where the Olympic Games, Will Be, but i Fear a Terroristic Atack, Because will have People from all over the World, here at the Games.

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Will it be broadcast in 4K? Maybe finally a reason to make the transition.

Edit: Google says an overwhelming no :(
Japan might get it in 8K though...

NiKKoM said:

100m and 200m sprint for women.. Dafne Schippers has a real chance for a medal..

I don't understand why I don't like her face... perhaps her whiteness puts me off. She seems a bit of a bitch to me.

With that being said, I'm rooting for Fraser-Pryce, of course.

4 years have gone so fast.

I might keep an eye on it on the web, but wont be watching it on tv, not enough time.

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that I am Brazilian and I live in Brazil and I'm not at interested imagine you who are from other countries.

ps: I am questioning and not confirmed


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