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I'm not sure if any of you know what "Cave story" is, but it is a PC game(later ported) that was released in 2004. It is such a huge and amazing game to be honest- it really shocked me when not that many people talk about it or put it on their list for top 10 indie games.


If you've never played the game, I extremely recommend it. You can get it on Wii, Dsi, or 3DS. For you PC gamers/users, here's the link to the game if you want to try it out:


Have to admit though, it is underrated. Even when it was released, I never saw much talk about it.



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Played it like two years ago - love it! Need to play it again sometime in the future.


PC version btw ;p


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I own it on Steam and got 70% of the way through it before restoring my PC and finding out that for some reason, it doesn't save to Steam Cloud... haven't had the will to start over. Great game though.

I don't know what part of the internet you've been on, but I've seen a lot of talk about Cave Story in the past few years. I don't think its all that underrated.

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