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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U owners, what year did you buy your Wii U?

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I bought my Wii U in...

2012 126 40.13%
2013 82 26.11%
2014 75 23.89%
2015 31 9.87%

The month the first actually useful game came out. May 2014.

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About a couple weeks before Super Smash Bros. released; so November 2014.

Launch day

On release day.

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I got mine for Xenoblade and already bought two additional games. But I hate the tablet controller and refuse to use it because it is too big, requires too much space, is too heavy, too unresponsive and always low on power. If a game requires the tablet controller all the time, I will not play it. Such a bad design decision, no wonder the system failed. Another big problem is the controller chaos in vWii mode, overall I need 5 different controller types (not counting gamecube) which is getting me crazy.

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June 2014, I bought it mostly because I won a Mario Kart 8 copy by winning a Mario Kart 7 Tournament, so I couldn't resist having the game on my hands and not playing it. good times.

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GoOnKid said:
SvennoJ said:

November 2012 with Nintendo land and Mario. I had been hungry for a new console for a while.

(I set it up, did all the updates and put it back in the box until Christmas. I didn't try any games first, honestly!)

Props to you, I could have never been that strong!

I had Forza Horizon, Halo 4 on 360 and AC3, NFS most wanted and Far Cry 3 on ps3. I wasn't starving, 2012 was an expensive Q4. I just really needed a whiff of that new console smell :)

got mine when mario 3d world came out


Edit: I font regret it, but im not getting the nx anytime soon

Launch day. 30th November 2012.

Launch day