Forums - Movies Discussion - MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry Claims Star Wars is Racist

Here is the video


Claims that Darth Vader cuts off white man's hands, does not claim his child, and does genrally evil stuff as a black person, but then does good and becomes a a white guy in the end when he does good.

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That's a bit presumptuous.

The whole dark vs light trope has been used as symbolism of good and evil for centuries now. It's not so outrageous that Star Wars adopted this as well. Nothing to do with race, especially since Darth Vader isn't multiple races. He was wearing clothes that were the opposite color of his skin, which isn't a common practice.

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Everything is racist. Have you noticed that we exclusively use and write on the white part of the forum while the black is pushed to the corners? I guess that makes VGC pretty racist.

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I'm not really sure she was being serious there.

Omg... this is so ridiculous that it's not even funny anymore. How can you argue with a mindless person like that? O.o

Does she even realizes that Vader is a white guy in dark clothes? lol

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I agreed. Never saw it before. I am glad Lucas does not have control anymore.

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Just some irrelevant woman trying to get attention


she is a massive race baiter. Just google her and see some of the other stupid stuff she has said.

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add me, the more the merrier.


Just don't give these people the attention. It's all they want.

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