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I don't want to be in any trouble, I just want to know why hus is banned. I haven't looked here in a while, and seen that quite a few people got the axe. I don't mean to start anything, just wondering.

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Extreme fanboyism + insulting people personally and generalising everyone (for example anyone that owns a Wii is a kiddy and doesn't have a voice according to him) or anyone that hasn't got a Ps3 is poor.

Neos - "If I'm posting in this thread it's just for the lulz."
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OH, I'm glad. I hated being talked down to by him. This place is better off without that type of talk.

I am Daemon. I am the Word.

Neos pretty much nailed it. I'm gonna lock the topic so this doesn't go anywhere you didn't intend. PM me for any more questions!

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