Forums - Gaming Discussion - Has anyone went full digital on games this gen?

All digital to support the developer more.

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Not counting WiiU, last physical game I bought was halo odst. been buying digital only since like 2012. Have like 150+ digital 360 games.

Feels great to see my digital 360 games start pop up in the Xbone digital library since the update

I'm full digital on PC since 2006

vivster said:
Ruler said:

Digital media isnt more friendly for the enverioment studies showed

Tell that to the people who make boxes with discs and let you download the game anyway. Synthetic materials are precious. We shouldn't waste it on outdated data storage.

Thats only few instances on pc

I'm all digital on Wii U and 3DS. Just preloaded XCX.

Well, this is new.


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Sharpryno said:
Mandalore76 said:

The irony is that your comment comes off far more elitist than the people you are narrow mindedly attempting to portray as elitist.

#1 I hate gamestop

#2 I think having a video game collection for games these days is pointless and I gave valid reasons. 

Who in their right mind enjoys taking a disc out, putting a disc it, over and over again.  The only benefit these days is it does not really matter how scratched the disk gets, as long as the meta data is readable the game still runs.  And again, NO ONE on Earth cares about a video game collection. 

I guess a third option exists, when these consoles are dead in 10 years people can always go back and play old games.  Something I also don't see the point in for games these days.  For stuff like n64, completely understandable.  

No one cares about your videogame collection? thats what you are saying. look at youtube, there are huge channels made just about videogame collecting. Yes its still possible to buy physical games and enjoying them without the internet. You should just stop focusing on just newer AAA games. I have a lot of ps4 games who dont even have patches

Puting out your disc is no big deal for me, i just put the disc almost next to my consoles.

Yes, on the Wii U (not on the 3DS). I wasn't going to do it initially, but one day I had just enough money to get 1 game, and I realized I could get 2 for the same money on the eShop (currencies). So I started thinking about all the pros and cons of each format and it was clear digital was far superior in every way - plus, the only game I had back then was digital (WWHD), and I don't like having my library split between both formats, so yeah.

If there is a physical option, I get the physical version. If a physical option is later on, I get the physical version. I dislike digital a lot.

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