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Can the 3DS do whatever it is the OP is asking it to do for him?

Yes, explain below 21 29.17%
No, do not explain below,... 33 45.83%
Maybe 12 16.67%
see results 6 8.33%
other 0 0.00%


The mighty PSP is currently at 57 million sellers according to Vgchartz records.

The 3DS has just reached the 40 milestone club.

I am not even sure if the PSP is even selling games anywhere anymore, but if they are it would have to be most likely in Japan. So it could still push out a few more. We can just call it an even 60. The 3DS needs to knock out 21 more before Reggie sends it to the handheld Heaven in the sky. Where it will be drinking adult Shirley Temples with St. Peter, Elvis and maybe even the high and mightly DS will even sit with him. Although I like to think of the 3DS as more of a trangendered handheld, so lets not call it anything for the sake of argument. Why do I think that? I do not not know, it just popped into my head so I must have thought about it at some point, or maybe on a sublminal level I have always thought it. My Father always loved me as a child, paid for my schooling and clothes and even sent my poverty stricken Mother 100 dollars a month to take care of me. Whether any of this has anything to do with why I think the 3DS is trangendered is a mute point though and is really off base with where I am going here.

After scrolling down the list I see plenty of games released in Japan that are just screaming for attention from the localization board over at Nintendo. Just a couple hundred thousand in sales or less in the West and they would easily pass a million in sales. Then there are other games that are just waiting for their legs to take them past the mark or even the much anticipated Nintendo select launch that some of us ( not myself) have been eagerly waiting for.

Star Fox 3D, Pilotwing Resort, Mario Tennis Open, etc. The 3DS undoubtedly has at least two more years to hit this mark. Agreed?


So do "you", the registered Vgchart user with two eyes, two hands, 56 phalanges, a heart, two kidneys, a liver, a stomach, and one duodenum think that the 3DS can overcome these great and perilous odds, be our 300 Spartans, our Daniel in the Lions Den, our little miracle and overtake the scurge of the second place handheld market last gen and be number one in the "Million seller" list?


I think it can. With a little luck, faith, pixie dust, and the love and understanding of Nintendo. Just like I still have hope that they will release the Wii in China so it can overtake the PS1.

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Bump. Ummm...No one cares if the 3DS wins?

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Honestly the handheld market is a one-horse race at the moment. If Nintendo show the 3DS as much love as they've been showing lately, and keep pumping out Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and the like, I don't see why it wouldn't surpass the PSP.


Newly released or upcoming 3DS games that should/will do it:

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
Monster Hunter X
Fire Emblem Fates
Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam
Dragon Quest XI
Yo-Kai Watch Busters: Moon Rabbit Team
Yo-Kai Watch 3
Next Pokémon
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3?
Monster Hunter Stories?
Pokémon Go trolol

Yes, sure.

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16 to go with 11 known upcoming titles that will hit 1 million.

Yes, 3DS will surpass the PSP million seller total.



More no votes than yes and not a single no explanation.

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Of course it will :)
According to vgcharts 3DS has 40M sellers and PSP 56
So for me the games that will reach a million:
41) Fantasy Life
42) Sonic Generations
43)Pilotwing Resort
These three have great legs :)
44)Yokai Watch 3
45)Yokai Watch 3 (the third game)
46)Yokai Watch Busters Moon Rabbit Team
47) Yokai Three Kingdoms
48)Pokemon Z
49)Monster Hunter X
50)Monster Hunter Stories
51)Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros
52)Hyrule Warrios Legends
53)Fire Emblem Fates
54)Zelda TriForce Heroes
55)Dragon Quest XI
56)Dragon Quest VII (if it is released worlwide)
57)Dragon Quest VIII (if it is released worlwide)
58)Bravely Second
59)Pokemon Super Mistery Dungeon
60)Mario & Sonic at theRio 2016 Olympic Games
61)Metroid Prime Federation Force

62)Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3

63)Final Fantasy Explorers

I´m not saying that all of these games will reach the million mark, but all of them has a chance :)

I hope yes. If the 3DS can do that, with a sizeable disadvantage in user base, then we can make a strong case for the Handheld market not dying at all. The smartphones just took the casual crowd,

Which is what i believe and hope, since despite having a samsung galaxy S6, i have still to find a game even remotely as enjoyable as the average handheld game, let alone close to the jewels such as ALBW or FE:Awakening.

Considering that the "NX" platform, IF it's a "Fusion" concept being both their new portable AND home console unit, won't likely be out until 2017, then yes, I think 3DS has that chance.

Nintendo just recently said that they are in no hurry to replace the 3DS. And why would they be? The system itself is still selling well, and the games are selling well.

Yes, it will, and I only have one kydney.