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we all know that ffvii remake is in the works, but we all know it will not be the same game we remember 20 years ago...but what is your biggest wish to the developer, what they could make different/better than in the original or what they should leave at it was in the original game? For me it would be the battle system, i know that they will change it to more action based ( but that don't mean that this will make the game bad), but maybe at psx in december we will see first gameplay, and we know more...what about you? Should they change something or are there things that needs absoluty some re-style?

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The only thing I want is for it to retain the ATB system and full control over ALL characters. That's all I want.

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As long as the music is still there, I'll be fine. The music of FFVII is half of what made the game to me. Uematsu outdid himself on that one.

Just keep the materia system.

I am looking forward to a re-imagining of this classic.

I want a seperate ending where Aeris lives, which creates an alternate timeline that causes the comet to actually happen and killing everyone on earth but her. Not able to bear the guilt she kills herself by choking on materia.

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As long as they keep they same battle system is fine. They can improve the graphics massively, obviously, and that's it. They have todo be faithful to the original. The game is wonderful as it is, and it would be disrespectful to it if it goles through massive changes.

My biggest hope for this game is the Gold Saucer to be some kind of multiplayer arena.

I want a battle system with the freedom of FF12 and speed of FFXIII. I don't want them to cut parts (yeah, that means the crossdressing scene too) and leave the essential plot untouched (they could make some things clearer or add some side stories, but that's it).

I want a reimagination of the game. A true remake, not just graphics remake. I want a FFVII way better than the original.

i hope they change the battle system to finally i can play it

My biggest wish? That it gets released. Knowing Squeenix, that wish may not happen for many, many years to come.