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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Xenoblade Chronicles fans I have a question about Melia Antiqua

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Honestly, she doesn't have a big role, she's just there. Pretty forgetable character. Reyn, Fiora, Shulk and Heropon are the most memorable from the allies.

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She's a major character and the only major character for whom there is no sense of closure at the end, but I suppose that's another topic altogether...

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As others have said, a major character. In the end I view her as a bit of a "red herring" plot element, Game of Thrones style, but she ads a strong element to the story. She also has a unique, game-breaking skill set.

LivingMetal said:

Was Melia Antiqua a major or minor character in Xenoblade Chronicles?  And to what degree?  I ask because I plan to meet Jenna Coleman at ComicCon, and she voiced Melia Antiqua in the Western release.  I have my Wii and a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles, but have yet to play it (yes, I suck in that way).  More than likely, I'm going to have her sign my copy.  And any comments of the WiiU version?

Major character. Acually, her race in the game is a pivotal part of the plot. And, wow, meet Clara Oswald too is such an honour. I'll miss her a lot when she stops playing that role :(

Major character in terms of the story, and also one of the best in terms of gameplay.

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She is one of the main characters, one of my favorites!

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Major character in terms that she is one of the playable party members, gameplay wise she is very good and has a bit of a fan base. She isn't the main heroine of the story but in a strong standard RPG class of playable characters she is in the top half.

Major character and I wanted her to be with Shulk than Fiora. :D

She's the main female protagonist, really. So her role is kinda big.

Might I also add my intense jealousy for you to meet one of my heroes. Hope you enjoy it but, more importantly, play Xenoblade!


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Yep, one of the most important characters. Maybe the third or fourth most important in terms of the story.

It probably goes Shulk, Fiora, Melia, Dunban, Reyn/Sharla/Riki