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Forums - Website Topics - Anybody else having issues with Vgchartz on mobile devices? (Edit: site fixed?)

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Over the past year, I'd say 95% of my site viewing is by mobile device. My cellphone or tablet.  My phone is a Droid Turbo and it isn't a slouch when it comes to specs. My tablet has built in 4G as well.  Anyway, I can even see past four of five posts on any given thread these days.  Connecting to WiFi doesn't help, either.  What do I do? The forms are the only thing keeping me here and now I can't even participate in those. :(

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Yes! absolutely don't know why thou... It opens and then it's like it freezes and does'n want to respond or do anything.

Yeah, it freezes up past a few posts and I cannot scroll down. Can barely post on peoples walls, etc. So I have been forced to take my laptop out like I am some sort of dirty grandma who does not own or know how to use a mobile device. Or maybe I just do not know how to use a mobile device.

Either way, I am posting now because of my chromebook. Thank you Bill gates!

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Id be willing to make Vgchartz more phone friendly....Just waiting for brett to give me the heads up ;P

The website works on mobile devices? I know the VGChartz Buddy is useless on my Android tablet, I.E. Completely off-screen.

On Windows Phone it's almost impossible/highly difficult to log in.

The website is loaded with significant amounts of advertising and gif's which slows lower-end mobile devices to a crawl... Always been this way though.

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It's because of the adds.

9 out of 10 adds break the site, it's beyond annoying. I used to keep refreshing until there was another add, preferably a static one, that let the site fully load. I particularly hated one with some guy riding those foot-water-jet things, I really wanted to kill that guy.

Anyway I'm browing on mobile nearly 100% of the time too (I don't even have a PC hooked up anymore) and since the latest iOS update at least you can have add-blockers, so now it works like a (slowish) charm. Don't know about Android devices, but if you can install add blockers or can have a different browser that blocks adds by default, I'd suggest try that.

Maybe there should be a VGCharts app?

Yeah every time I try to go look at the October Amazon predictions it freezes half way down the first list, it's annoying and I wish it would be sorted out. Love looking at all the list and such. I'm actually here for the sales :P

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GGuess it's the ads

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Whoa! You should ask if here's anyone who does NOT have issues with VGC and mobile, the list would be much shorter. I've done 99% of my web browsing with mobile for the last decade, so I know what you're talking about.

You should try out Opera Coast browser. I'm using one now on a tablet (while driving) and it seems to be working perfectly on VGC.

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