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blogs are already using your new graphs

Scroll a bit down and you'll see your graphs used in a pretty comprehensive analyse of the downward spiral on the PS3

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2,5 million PS3 units shipped and unsold by March

Sony has shipped 5,5 million PS3 units worldwide by the end of March. According to various estimates (detailed below), the company has managed to sell only 2,97 million of those, within the given timeframe.

This leaves 2,53 million units unsold - almost half of the entire stock - either waiting in stores or in transit. Sony also fell short of their target of shipping six million consoles.

This information is based on Sony´s Q4 earnings release (PDF document). Alternatively, an audio webcast is available.

The release does not give any official sales figures for the PlayStation3. But there are various estimates. Originally, Videogame Charts estimated that Sony had sold three million units by the end of March. The more recent, individual sales figures given below second that. But let us examine the figures in more detail.

SCEI breaks down the shipment numbers into the three regions:

PS3 units shipped
Japan: 1,26 million

America: 2,62 million

Other: 1,62 million

Total: 5,50 million

And here are the total sales figures for the PS3 up until the end of March:

PS3 units sold
Japan: 0,81 million

America: 1,2 million

Other: 0,96 million

Total: 2,97 million

Please note that the European figure given is the current one (no data up until the end of March could be found). So the figure includes an additional one-and-a-half months of sales.

Matching both sets of figures from above (subtracting units sold from units shipped), we get the following picture:

PS3 units shipped and not sold
Japan: 0,45 million

America: 1,42 million

Other: 0,66 million

Total: 2,53 million

The report also detailed that Sony´s quarterly losses turned out as bad as expected. Operating profits were down by 68,3 percent.

Is the PlayStation3 dead? I have resisted answering this question until now. But this figure - almost half of the entire PS3 inventory remaining unsold until March - is nothing short of disastrous. Sony excluding sales figures from their earnings release is proof of how embarrassing those figures are.

Meanwhile, the Wii is off to the best possible start and the Xbox360 has used its headstart reasonably well, building an impressive games portfolio with more to come this year.

Videogame Charts offers detailed graphs, illustrating sales figures for each console. The trend is clear: while the Wii is on a high level and gaining, the PS3´s sales have been poor and are in decline.

Consider the following graph showing weekly sales. Evidently, the PS3 failed to cash in on the sales spike in the run up to Christmas. And since, the sales have been on a steady decline.

The sales figures paint a clear picture: the PS3 is a distant third and is set to stay in last place.

System sellers like ´Metal Gear Solid 4´ and ´Final Fantasy XIII´ are likely delayed until 2008, while both competitors are sporting a fantastic line-up (the Wii certainly is) which will become available by the end of the year.

The downward spiral - dwindling hardware sales causing developers to allocate resources away from the PS3 causing even worse hardware sales - is in full effect and there seems to be no way out. With Sony losing hundreds of dollars with each unit sold and the company posting record losses, I rule out a price drop as a viable option for this year.

Blu-ray, Sony´s trojan horse, has not emerged as the clear winner in the format war. It seems likely that the war will continue to rage well into the next year. If it does win, Blu-ray will undoubtedly push PS3 sales. But by that time, the console may already have died as a gaming platform (much like the PSP has died as a platform for movies but continues to sell as a gaming device).

Still sceptical? Remember that a PlayStation3 game costs around ten million dollars to develop and, as a consequence, must sell at least 500.000 units in order to break even, as Namco president Takeo Takasu told Bloomberg in late November. Developers will be glad to drop the PS3 from their portfolio if there is a reason to do so. And, currently, there is not a single reason that might persuade them otherwise.

In conclusion, I am going to go out on a limb here and am now daring to say what I have previously been too cautious to admit: the PlayStation3 is dead. It would take a miracle for Sony to turn this disaster around - and there are no miracles. There, I said it.


Better be careful ioi, people have been wanting your head on a chopping block for a while now. I didn't know how famous you were until I started going to other forums... ;)

Yeah, Neogaf even has a sticky about banning people who post VGCharts numbers.

So ioi, are you going to adjust the ps3 numbers to the 2.97 like you have for the 360 about 5 times in the last 2 months or leave them how they are? I know there's no way they have sold 350k in the last month or so. 100k in america + 40k in japan + the rest of the world does not equal 350k.

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Where is 350k and 2.97m coming from??

And Neogaf and VG Chartz have never seen eye to eye, what is the problem ioi?

Nice work - I thought the graphs would do the trick. Already I can see substantially more users on the forum ;)

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Dolla Dolla said:
Yeah, Neogaf even has a sticky about banning people who post VGCharts numbers.

 Neogaffers are just jealous of this site

Xzbeat said:

Where is 350k and 2.97m coming from??

And Neogaf and VG Chartz have never seen eye to eye, what is the problem ioi?

 3.31 - 2.97 is about 350k to me.  That's all.  Just asking him what he thinks about that and if he's thinking about lowering it.  Ps3 numbers are rarely readjusted here.  

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2.97m is the estimate from that article - not the same as the figures on this site. What are you going on about you madman?