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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Konami Is Done With AAA Console Games; Tech Director Quits

I'd would be hilarious if like Sony bought the MGS franchise, and then they hired Kojima to make their MGS games lol That would be the biggest 'f*ck you' to Konami lol

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Give Metal Gear to... Nintendo?

Well that's a stupid thing to say. lol

Co-ownership of Konami IP seems pretty realistic actually.

Plot twist: Amazon buys up Konami IP to prop up Fire TV gaming

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

I wonder what developer would be the best to take over production of MGS. So many factors to consider. Naughty Dog seems like an obvious choice at first bit with MGS switching to a less linear approach, maybe Rockstar North?

Zackasaurus-rex said:
Give Metal Gear to... Nintendo?

Well that's a stupid thing to say. lol

If it did happen, the world would flood in tears of salt.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

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spemanig said:
Kagerow said:

You two seems to be too positive about this. Maybe you guys forgot what happened to the Bemani Mobile team?

Never heard of them.

Before starting, Bemani is the name of Konami's Rhythm game department, known for Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, Pop'n Music, Jubeat and other various rhythm games.

It was a department that made great rhythm games in mobile. I mean, actually good. Considering they already had Bemani Rhythm Arcade game department, only thing they had to do was to port the song and mapping from Arcade too.

So they ported multiple games from DDR to Reflect Beat, and unsurpringly, most of the team got shut down as soon as it lagged behind other game. Thanks Konami! Not that they are taking care of 'working games' either, as Jubeat is now slowly getting abandoned.


Apparently Bemani is now trying to enter PC rhythm game graveyard too - with Beatmania Infinitas.

Considering how many company had to close down rhythm MMO's in South Korea in less than year of operation, can you roughly guess how long will this extremely hard core rhythm game on PC will last?


That said, I'm very bias against Bemani product since I bought bunch of the song packs on many of their mobile games before it got abandoned. Since they are iOS dependant, some of them doesn't even play music when I run them.

Rip konami, your legacy wil be remembered.


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Jim Sterling won!

Nintendo, get back Hudson soft so we can get more Bomber Man and traditional Mario Party! I'd buy a NX if that next Mario Party had 8 multiplayer online!

Not surprised at all.

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