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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Happy 30th Anniversary, Mario!!!! What was your very first Mario memory?

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World 1-1

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I guess my first memory of Mario is likely playing Super Mario Bros 1 & 3 on my cousins NES up in NC. I think I was nearly four at the time, and I immediately wanted a nes though I'd wind up with the Genesis first and go back for the NES well after they'd moved onto the SNES heh... Was into retro games before they were retro :)

First memory was Super Mario World on my friends!

first memory of mario? SMB1 World 1-1, using famicom and you use your controller to jump while pressing A, thinking that if you move your controller like a jumping motion, mario would jump too. i think Nintendo saw it hence the motionplus (WiiMote) was invented. :D

wrecking crew and that mario bros game which you only have jump and POW in the middle are also one of the mario games I've played before and I have lots of fun on those games.

For me, it was Super Mario All Stars. I would always go over my cousins house and they always had the newest consoles. Whenever they got burned out from playing Super Mario RPG or Mario Kart 64, they'd let me play the SNES. I would get to 1-2 and die there all the time. I was like...3 or 4 years old.

My first vivid memory was Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on Gameboy Color. I played the heck out of that game. I just wanna say thanks to Nintendo for creating such a great and timeless character. My life would be significantly different without them. Thanks!

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Super Mario world, playing with my brother. Great times.

I can't quite recall which exactly was my first Mario experience. I remember playing a lot of Mario Paint when I was super young, but growing up, I know we also had multiple NES systems that we basically always had Super Mario Bros. for as a staple game (with Duck Hunt, of course). Although my memories only really stretch back to Mario Paint, that doesn't mean I didn't play SMB first. It's a real toss up, but it's definitely one of the two.

Other early Mario titles for me include Mario's Time Machine (I know lol) and Super Mario World.