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Forums - Sales Discussion - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl = almost 2mln units in 1 month

FishyJoe said:
mrstickball said:
Considering VGChartz has it at 1.5m already, that number isn't quite too far away. Biggest question: How do it's legs end up doing? Thus far, imo, the legs have been horrible, it's had a 40-50% drop each week. Not very good for an uber-Nintendo title.

American Pokemon sales:

Week 1: 1.4 million

Week 2: 494k

Week 3: 215k

Week 4: 146k


Week 16: 88k

That's close to 400k/month, or 5m/year - selling at this rate. Should easily hit 5m by the end of the year - and may well do 10m (lifetime) in the US alone.

Talk about printing money... 


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