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Forums - General Discussion - Worth Getting a DS Lite?

Ok, ive had my DS original since the release, and i love it. There was a drought of games for a while, but so far this year ive not stopped playing it! But recently ive had my eye on a White DS lite, and i was wondering...


Is it worth trading in my DS original for some money off a DS Lite? i think id save around 40 quid on it... Is it worth the upgrade?


thanks lol 

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I'd say yes. Brighter screen, better adjustable things, if I had the money I'd do it. But I got my DS top screen yesterday and fixed my original one for $50 instead of the $110 Nintendo wanted. :D :D

to be honest, I prefer the buttons and dpad on the old DS over the DS Lite. Apart from that, the Lite is definitely worth it. brighter screen (I play on the train in the morning), longer battery life, and larger stylus are the best benifits. It fits nicer in the pocket, too.

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Yes, do it, I did the same.

Seriously when you get the Lite and see it's beautiful design up-front and the nice super bright screen you'll say to yourself "where have you been my whole life".

The difference is amazing.

I had my doubts originally - I still really like the original DS. Function-wise, they are identical - and that is what matters.

But... once you get a Lite, you will never look back. Its just so damned sexy compared to the phat.

I find the weight makes a significant difference, and the screen is just awesome. The other problem is playing games in "book style" with the phat is a lot harder and more uncomfortable. And with games like Ninja Gaiden coming out, that's a good reason to score a Lite.

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yeah, tanks for the opinions :P very much appreciated. My m8 said it was similar to the difference between the Advance original and the SP, but i thought id get a second opinion on it :P thanks guys, i shall aquire my lite this weekend :P

Functionwise...I dunno...doesn't the Phat have the GBA link port though, essential for GBA multiplayer games, and the Lite doesn't? Or am I wrong...I have a Lite and I know I can't play GBA multiplayer...

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how long do you think the DS as a system will last in general? 5 years? Will there be another DS in 2009? And crap, I feel old thinking that 2004 was 3 years ago

it should last as long as it's still working, due to its huge library. there's still a huge list of games I want to play. there's a ton of new titles releasing or to be released that I want to play. there's also those titles that aren't in my radar for must-play that I might want to give it a shot sometime in the far future if those must-play titles are exhausted. so far, I can't even catch up with all the new titles that i want to play, so, maybe in 10 yrs, i'll have time to play some "missed" titles. am i the only one feeling overwhelmed by the flood of games? 0.o

You know I was thinking about what the next nintendo handheld would be also.  I know they said ds was not the next gameboy but separate. This was a way to get around if the ds failed, they could say it wasn't the gameboy but an experimental product that failed. This made me wonder, if the ds had failed right away, would they have come out with the next gameboy right away which probably would have been a super powered gameboy(between n64 and gamecube). 

And now that they know the ds is so freakin popular, will they actually release a new gameboy. I would guess they would stop with gameboys and continue with a new ds with more power and other options added. I mean, how well do you think the next nintendo handheld will do if it doesn't have what the ds has and without all the functions and power of a psp. My opinion, gameboy is done for, ds brought the girls in and the sexist days of the gameBOY are over.

That being said, I know Nin said they would still release the next gameboy a while after they released ds.  Hmmm, maybe gameboy ds??  I don't know, whatever the case, I think the ds will have a loooong life span along the lines of the ps2.  At the rate it's selling Nin will want to get every penny they can get out of it before they move on the next killer handheld.

Hmm, maybe I should make this into a separate thread.