Forums - Movies Discussion - What Box office hit do you think did not deserve its Billion dollar gross?

Almost that entire list is a sad reflection on our tastes, but what are you going to do.

I like this adjusts for inflation. Unlike music and videogames, movies record their numbers by actual dollar amounts, which really can skew the figures. All the filml industry has to do is raise prices by a buck and you'll see an increase in sales. It leads the youth of today to believe they are living in unprecedented times when records are being shattered, rather than the truth which is that they are taking part in an inflation scheme.

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kumagawa said:
AllThosePixels said:

Which is still good, yes, but Furious 7 did over $1.5 billion, which made it into one of the top 5 highest grossing films ever.

Furious 7 went to $390 million in China from Furious 6's $67 million, China is a rapidly growing market for films. 

Didn't realize that. Have noticed that quite a few movies recently get lots of money from China.

I agree! fast and furious 7 = garbage

and those god awful transformer movies.. ughhh

V-r0cK said:
Avatar - It was a futuristic Pocahontas and i think it made so much money because majority of people bought 3D tickets which is like 1.5 times the price of the standard.

Titanic - I felt like I was watching a reenacting documentary. I love watching documentaries and I've enjoyed many of them more than Titanic.

I love James Cameron movies but not those. Come back to Terminator (it really needs help) and Aliens please!!

are you kidding me?

what movie (or documentary hahahaha) can you name that matches (EVEN CLOSELY) the effects and set design that Titanic had? I mean it's pretty incredible the amount of work that went into recreating that ship

that movie's cast, effects, story, music- it's all superb. I understand not liking certain cheesy cliche's it has or maybe not appreciating its length but to doubt its quality is just silly

considering its run time I think Titanic is probably one of the most deserving 1B+ movies, it sold a LOT of tickets

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In my opinion:

Furious 7
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace
Alice in Wonderland

I don't necessarily like all of the others, but those are the only ones that don't 'deserve' a billion. Avatar, for example, has a terrible plot and mediocre acting, but its special effects are what sold it.

avangers 2, it's the same movie as the first one

Bet reminder: I bet with Tboned51 that Splatoon won't reach the 1 million shipped mark by the end of 2015. I win if he loses and I lose if I lost.

Furious 7. ugh

Oh, and all the transformers movies.

Transformers and Avatar

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Rustuv said:
RubberWhistleHistle said:
why is it that we have a bunch of people in here saying that something doesnt deserve the success it got, but when i say that PS4 doesn't deserve the sales it has attained so far, everybody loses their shit and says things like, "who are you to say that they don't deserve the sales they got?" but now when it comes to movies, everyone has an opinion about what something deserves? i find that interesting.

You know what? F*ck it I'll agree with that statement (to an extent) it is a fact that the botched xbox one announcement sold a ton of PS4s  and while everyone harpped on the Wiius game drought people ignored the PS4s game drought. They have yet to release an exclusive that I actually want.

They're really not comparable in this context. When people complain about the WiiU's droughts, they're referring to several month periods during which the WiiU gets little, sometimes absolutely nothing, in the way of major retail releases.

The PS4 on the other hand has never had this issue. Even during its quietest months it still has a steady supply of major 3rd party titles, which while not enough for the minority who own a PS4 specifically for the exclusives (such as myself), is more than enough for the majority.

TL;DR: The WiiU's droughts are a big issue for most of the player base, the PS4's only to a specific group (who do indeed complain about it when the issue arises).