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Kuksenkov said:
Awesome numbers for Dragon Ball 3DS. Come on Bandai Namco, there is demand and an audience for your anime/niche games on Nintendo consoles... Just make an effort and they'll sell (Drum master says hi!).

You know what I'd love? DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3D. A port would do me good :D

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OnlyForDisplay said:
Great numbers for the PS4! Hopefully the next update it will hit 20k!

That's not likely to happen. At least, not yet.

I expect more than 20k in two weeks when Batman and some other stuff got released. But next week, 3DS will continue having some presence. Youkai and Gyakuten Saiban are big releases.


Updated 2nd post with Dengeki.

Some of these lower ranked "outside radar" games keep grinding amazing numbers. Slow&steady and games like GTA V and Mario Party 10 could sell well beyond expectations.

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Amazing Splatoon legs, still selling after a month!