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Wii U / 3DS consoles + games LTD in France - MK8 attach rate at 85%

Oscar Lemaire released an update on some LTD regarding Wii U / 3DS hardware and software in France.

Wii U : 590 000

3DS : 2,9 millions

Mario Kart 8 : 500 000

Smash 3DS : 330 000

Smash Wii U : 170 000

MK8 has an attach rate of around 85 %.

Comparision from 6 months ago (end of December '14; according to Philippe Lavoué):

Wii U: 490 000

Smash 3DS: 220 000



PART 2! (Leftovers)

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: 100k

Zelda Majora 3DS: 96k

Xenoblade 3DS: 16k

amiibo: 490k

Splatoon: 75k

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MK8 beasting...

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i said damn, mk really has become such a massive franchise

Kinda strange seeing mh4u above majora's mask seeing as they came out the same day and Zelda being the much bigger franchise (outside of Japan). But mk8's sales are crazy.

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It still amazes me that Mario Kart has an 85% attachment rate. Hope to see Splatoon sales have legs in France.


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so vgchartz has it at 584k until april 4th, normally i would care about that but i really don't care anymore.

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Look at those Amiibo SALES!

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So is the 3DS at 2.9 million or at 3.4+ million??? Becaue by this, it was at 3.4 million 5 months ago

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Seems like the Wii U that comes with MK pre-installed did well (not that you can buy a Wii U outside of a bundle).