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Forums - Sales Discussion - 5.5 Million PS3s Shipped

The full news is 5.5 shipped 3.6 sold to final customers .So this site is something low ,about 0.29 million .

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I don't see where we are getting the 3.6 million number but if I had to take a guess what tha was it was meaning 3.6 million units shipped this quarter. Cause minus 5.5 by 3.6 and you get 1.9 million which is where I believe PS3 was last quarter.

Diomedes1976 said:
The full news is 5.5 shipped 3.6 sold to final customers .So this site is something low ,about 0.29 million .

Where exactly did you read that? I just went through Sony's official report and I see nothing about 3.6 million PS3 sold to final customers.

And by the way, if that was the case, this website wouldn't be low by 0.29 million, it would be low by a bigger margin because the report is until 31st of March 2007...

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However, investors were in for a nasty surprise on May 16: Sony failed to hit its own PS3 sales targets, Chief Financial Officer Nobuyuki Oneda said. Although the company had forecast global shipments of 6 million machines by the Mar. 31 end of its fiscal year, its factories made and sent off just 5.5 million. Worse, the actual number of PS3s in stores was closer to 3.6 million. The remaining 1.9 million were either sitting in warehouses or en route to stores, leaving as much as $1.1 billion in inventory. Perhaps that's why the company chose to stick to a more conservative sales forecast of 11 million units this year. 

Oh you no what that means. That's still means shipments. Just means that 1.9 million of htem are still in Sony's warehouses or still shipping. Sony's dirty tricks revealed again. Counting ones in their factories about to be shipped as shipments. Tsk tsk Sony.

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Got to love the Sony fanboys that make a habit of getting the facts wrong.

Further corroboration:,131891-c,companynews/article.html

The shipment numbers count consoles as they leave Sony's factories and include those in warehouses and en route to retailers. The number of consoles sold to retailers stood at around 3.6 million, said Oneda.

yea but that link stated that 5.5 million were actually made but only 3.6 million have actually been shipped. Meaning that 1.9 million are still on boats on there way to stores or still in Sony warehouses. Not good at all. Meaning that Sony's shipment numbers should only be 3.6 + however many are on those boats. More sony bullshit is all I can say.

Makes you wonder how long they can keep their production lines in operation without a major cut. At some point your warehouses are going to fill up. Do you keep making them and rent more space? Or do you shut down the line and lose the economic benefit from mass production?

Who knows but it's bullshit that Sony is willing to count units still in their own warehouses that have not been shipped out of the company in their finance reports and whatnot. I mean it really is bullshit. I guess the only reason they might do it is if retailers have bought those and they just haven't been able to ship it yet but who's still buying PS3's. There's a 2.5 million lag between actual sales and Sony's shipments at the end of March. I mean no one can have more room for thse things.

I don't really blame Sony, I think all companies report the same way.

The Sony fanboys who have misrepresented the facts on this thread should be ashamed though.