Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U owners: is it your only current gen console?


Yes 482 67.79%
No, I have a PS4/X1 also 229 32.21%

Wii U/3DS/Vita this gen, going great, but probably going to pick up the PS4 soon

"I think it will be the HDS"-Me in regards to Nintendo's next handheld.

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Well Wii U's my only current gen HOME Console.

I also have the 3DS as my current gen Handheld CONSOLE.

These 2 machines give me all the gaming I need.
It's hard enough to keep up with just these 2 much less mess around with Steam on PC, that mobile mess, or anything from the Twins.

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For now it is.

Well, I also have a PC, but it's a little outdated.

I will get a PS4 this year and a XBO sometime down the line.

Wii U, 3DS.
The lack of racing games drives mo towards buying a PS4/XB1. Also No Man's Sky, Wild (Ubisoft) and some indies draw my interest.
On the Nintendo side: I am waiting for Animal Crossing, Endless Ocean, Fire Emblem without SMT and Paper Mario.

Yes, and I use PC for the very few multiplatforms that aren´t shit this days.

Also I have a 3DS

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Currently have a 2DS and a Wii U and I'm damn happy with those two ^^
With that said however, I will most likely buy either a PS4 or an Xbox One sometime later this year. Which one of the two depends on price and games of interest

Nope, I also own an X1/PS4. I have a 3DS as well.

for now a wii u and a ps3 is more than enough.
most games on ps4 are also on ps3...

For home consoles, it's my only 8th gen platform so far. I plan to get a PS4 when I clear my PS3 backlog some more...which probably won't be a while. *covers face

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it is my only console for now, but that's mainly because I can still play most games on PS3 anyway. I'm not happy about the PS4 not having free internet either.

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