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Forums - Sales Discussion - Prediction: Splatoon – 1 Million Worldwide by end of May 2015

Just a quick prediction for the record.

Splatoon will sell 1 Million Worldwide by the end of May 2015.

In just its opening days, all Splatoon sales added together around the world will reach 1 Million units before June 2015 begins.

NOTE: This counts Digital Sales ALONG WITH Physical Sales.


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I think tbone already made this prediction.

Edit: Nevermind, his was within a month, not before June. Can't say I agree with this one.

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We can add this one to your pile of failed predictions.

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You want it to sell almost as much as mk8's launch in basically 2-3 days? Yea no


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Without seeing some of the pre order sales figures I have no idea how good this is doing. Your saying that on average, each country has about 275,000 in pre orders and that digital will make up the rest?

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in two days? yeah this is definitely not happening. by the end of of 2015 though, I'd say definitely

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In three days? Yeah, not a chance. Maybe in like, three months.

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I.. erm.. don't see this happening at all :/

Two days to reach 1M???

I actually think it can achieve this in one hour, 4m FW and 15m LT.