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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who are your favourite sidekicks?

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Clank, of course.

And Victor Sullivan.

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When that Luigi blinked I thought I was seeing shit, lol.

Anyways, Cortana fo shizzle

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Please excuse me. I need to fap now...


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Beau from Dynamite Headdy. Doesn't interfere with or does your job, and there are few things more useful than knowing the boss' weak spots.

Yoshi. He has been more useful than Luigi in most Mario games.

JEMC said:

I'll also go with Garrus (Wright, I'm sure you were disappointed for not being able to bang him) and also this two


He probably played as Fem Shepard


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Probably Maya Fey

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Fi, Navi and Midna.

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You didn't include Maya Fey in the list? Give me back your Ace Attorney fan badge.

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Gammalad said:
Probably Maya Fey

Maya approves and so do I!