Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft fans, what exclusive from each of the other two consoles do you wish you could play on your console?

I own a PS4 and I really wanted to try out Sunset Overdrive. It just looks so unique and over-the-top unlike anything else in the market. 

Would also want to play Xenoblade Chronicles X on the PS4 but I guess Final Fantasy XV will be a close substitute.

What games from the other consoles do you wish you could play on yours?



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The only console I don't currently have (that actually deserves to be called a console) is the Wii U, so Mario Kart 8.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

I don't have a XB1, so I would like to play Dead Rising 3 and Scalebound.

From PS4, its Bloodborne/No Mans Sky. Moreso No Mans Sky because it isn't 1st party. From XBO its Killer Instinct/Sunset Overdrive. Moreso killer instinct because it's a Rare IP.

Well, this is new.


Probably Mario kart and smash brothers.

Xb1 has nothing that interests me.

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Probably the Tales games from the PS3/4 and the FF games (though they aren't really exclusives)

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From ps4: Bloodborne, TLG and Uncharted 4


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Only one I don't have is Xbox One and I most want Rise of the Tomb Raider

From Wii U, Zelda and Super Mario 3D World

Only don't have a PS4, but No Man's Sky, Rime, and UC4 are definitely tempting. Hoping No Man's Sky goes multi-plat in the future. The From Software games don't do a lot for me, so missing Bloodborne isn't a big deal to me. And I've played most of the other PS4 exclusives out now and been underwhelmed by all of them. UC4 will be hard to resist though, won't lie. Just not sure I can justify owning all 3 consoles.