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Do you think it will skip last gen?

Yeah! Last gen is dead. 0 0.00%
Nope, still too much money on the table. 0 0.00%

As reported by Kotaku, the release date has been outed as Nov. 6 and a beta will be available to PS4, X1 and PC owners. No info on last gen versions at all. 

With last gen software sales almost completely dead, its presumable that 99% of devs will move on. Battfield Hardline sold horribly on PS3/360 (170k combied at lauch) and Assassins Creed Rogue failed to sell 1m individually on PS3/360  following on from Black Flag doing more the triple those sales the year before, what will happen with fall 2015 games like COD: Black Ops? Advance Warefare still sold great on last gen (3.7m each) but activision may see the trajectory and predict a huge drop off in sales like asssassins creed. If so they may decided to refocus that effort into DLC etc for PS4/X1/PC.


If it does skip last gen would that greatly effect your hardware sales expectations for PS4/Xbox One?

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