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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Pokemon Gen/Region Competition: Round 3: Gym Leader #7 Ace

6p Arcanine
5p Piloswine
4p Abomasnow
3p Beartic
2p Lunatone
1p Meowstic

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6p Piloswine (Jhoto)
5p Arcanine (Kanto)
4p Meowstic (Kalos)
3p Lunatone (Hoenn)
2p Abomasnow (Sinnoh)
1p Beartic (Unova)

6p Abomasnow
5p Beartic
4p Piloswine
3p Meowstic
2p Arcanine
1p Lunatone

Meowstic- 6p
Arcanaine- 5p


NNID: b00moscone

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PSN: b00mosconi

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