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Forums - Sales Discussion - March NPD 2015 predictions thread


How much will sell the 8 generation of console?

700,000 or less 14 17.28%
800,000 6 7.41%
900,000 6 7.41%
1,000,000 17 20.99%
1,100,000 8 9.88%
1,200,000 2 2.47%
1,300,000 6 7.41%
1,400,000 1 1.23%
1,500,000 2 2.47%
above 1.5 million 19 23.46%

PS4: 410k
Xbox One: 290k
3DS: 250k
Wii U: 80k
PS VIta: 50k

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If it's not to late, I'll just throw some numbers in.

PS4: 400K
Xbone: 250K
3DS: 225K
Wii U: 95K
Vita: 45K


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I am not too sure if I made a prediction in this thread, but here is mine!

PS4: 405K

Xbox One: 265K

Wii U: 97K

N3DS: 226K

Vita: 46K

All are estimates, not exact.

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Actuals so far:

PS4: 340k
XBO: 235k
3DS: 263k
Wii U: 84k
Vita: ?

Well, looks like I undershot the 3DS by a whopping 63k. It did much better than I thought. I overshot the Wii U by 6k (a little over 7%). Now to see what the PS4, XBO, and Vita did.

UPDATE: I overestimated the PS4 by 10k (2.94%). I also underestimated the XBO by 10k (4.26%). Not bad considering how my predictions usually turn out.


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I overestimate Wii U, and underestimate 3DS as for now.

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I knew I should have went with my gut and said 80k for Wii U. Oh well, 90k is close enough.

I really fucked up 3DS though.

TheGoldenBoy said:
PS4 - 400k
XBO - 240k
WiiU - 90k
3DS - 200k
PSV - 40k

PS4 - 336k
XBO - 235k
WiiU - 84k
3DS - 263k

Overestimated the PS4 (shouldn't have bought into the >400k hype) and underestimated the 3DS. The other two are pretty good.

Well, i underestimate 3DS, and overestimate all PS4, XBO, and Wii U...

We still not have Vita numbers... so, if even tomorrow Vita numbers will not released, i will post the result with only PS4; 3DS; XBO; WiiU.