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Forums - Sales Discussion - March NPD 2015 predictions thread


How much will sell the 8 generation of console?

700,000 or less 14 17.28%
800,000 6 7.41%
900,000 6 7.41%
1,000,000 17 20.99%
1,100,000 8 9.88%
1,200,000 2 2.47%
1,300,000 6 7.41%
1,400,000 1 1.23%
1,500,000 2 2.47%
above 1.5 million 19 23.46%

Since everyone pretty much underestimated everything last month I'm just going to up your predictions!

PS4: 400,000
XBO: 250,000
3DS: 300,000
WiiU: 110,000
PSV: 60,000

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Ryng_Tolu said:
Ali_16x said:

Umm I don't think so. 

Last Year Feb for PS4 was 285k and last march was 371k. March is a bigger month than Feb.

PS4: 400k
XBO: 200k
3DS: 210k
WiiU: 80k
PSV: 60k

PS4: 375,000
XBO: 225,000
3DS: 275,000
WiiU: 100,000
PSV: 50,000

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PS4: 396k
XB1: 240k
WiiU: 100k
3DS: 210k
PSV: 67k

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Wii U should be up a bit from February because of Mario Party...

PS4: 350k
XBO: 250k
3DS: 220k
WiiU: 110k
PSV: 45k

3DS = 257K
PS4 = 384K
WIU = 94k
XB1 = 296K

Battlefield should keep PS4 and Xbox One up, with PS4 also having FF and Bloodbourne.

Won bet with t3mporary_126 - I correctly predicted that the Wii U's LTD at the end of 2014 would be closer to 9 million than 10 million.

WiiU: 120k
PS4: 400k
XBO: 300k
3DS: 300k
Vita: 35k

Predictions for LT console sales:

PS4: 120M

XB1: 70M

WiiU: 14M

3DS: 60M

Vita: 13M

PS4: 385k
Xbox 1: 300k
Wii U: 105k
3DS: 220k
Vita: 45k


PS4 - 375K
3DS - 275K
XBO - 245K
WIIU - 95K
PSV - 45K