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When will the systems peak.

2014 5 4.67%
2015 16 14.95%
2016 48 44.86%
2017 28 26.17%
2018 10 9.35%

I've noticed a lot of people seem to think that this gen will peak early because of the explosive start and limited growth YOY for the market leader (PS4). But one thing I couldn't help but notice is that we haven't even recieved our first AAA UE4 games yet. We're likely years away from a true next gen GTA, we've not had that exclusive Call of Duty or any other exclusive of that popularity and so in a number ways it almost feels like this gen is tracking behind last content wise. 

The way I see it this gen got off to such a fast start because of hype and ease of accessibility (lots of games, lots of familiar franchises from day one, no crazy hardware prices or need/feel to update TV, games are more popular now then in 2006). The hype is dying now hence PS4 being down, so it will become more dependant on the content and the exclusive content has yet to arrive in abundance. Once that happens though, sales will rocket.

I don't expect the systems to peak till 2016 (X1), 2017 (PS4).

What about you?

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Your poll looks like a dick.

Edit: Not anymore

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It will peak next year. Nintendo will be the first to upgrade in 2017 (if the Fusion idea is the way they'll go, both Handheld and Home console wil release at nearly the same time). Microsoft will follow in 2018 if they decide to make a new console. I expect the PS4 to sell well into 2018, so they might wait for 2019 to upgrade so the can get the best hardware.

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Peaking this year so we can be over with it and wait for the next gen.

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I think this gen will peak in 2016

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Probably 2016.

Either this year or next year, depends when both get official price cuts to $299 and what type of affect Morpheus/Hololens have on sales.

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I think 2017. We could see both consoles under 299 by that point and there will be a lot of huge games at that point (ES7, and TLOU 2 I think will hit that year)

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With halo and uncharted coming out this year I would say it will start late 2015 and peak in 2016 with gears and gow.

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bigjon said:
I think 2017. We could see both consoles under 299 by that point and there will be a lot of huge games at that point (ES7, and TLOU 2 I think will hit that year)

Similar to my thoughts.

$199-299 pricepoints: Elderscrolls 6, GTA6, TLOU2.... possibly Destiny 2, Titanfall 2, Watchdogs 2, cyberpunk 2077 (judging by Witcher 3 delay)