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Forums - Sales Discussion - January 2015 NPD Thread! Hardware estimates up!


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Amazon Software and hardware ranks for January

pos title platforms ranks in top 100
1 Just Dance 2015 Wii, 360, PS4, Xb1, PS3, Wii U 8, 79
2 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4, X1, 360, PS3, PC 11, 17, 33, 59
3 SSB 3DS 3DS 12,
4 SSB U Wii U 19,
5 GTAV PS4, PS3, X1, 360 22, 54
6 Pokemon OR/AS 3DS 27, 29
7 Dying Light PS4, Xb1, PC 32, 68
8 Minecraft 360, PS3, Xb1, PS4, PC, PSV 39, 57
9 Far Cry 4 PS4, Xb1, PC 41, 63
10 inFamous: Second Son PS4 42,

Platforms column is arranged from highest ranked platform to lowest, at least for the platforms that have the game in the top 100. don't have all platforms show up in the op 100. It's pretty likely that inFamous won;t be in the tope 10, because even though it is 10th highest ranked game, it's only on one platform. And TLOU (PS3+PS4) and CoD Ghosts (loadsa platforms) are not much lower in the rankings. Halo MCC is also right on inFamous's heels, so margin for error means MCC could easily be ahead of infamous across all retailers.

Pos Console Ranks in top 100
1 PS4 9,
2 Xb1 18,
3 Wii U 53,
4 3DS N/A

I have a hard time believing 3DS will be less than WIi U. So it seems Amazon is good for home console hardware rankings, but not so much for hand helds. I sure hope Wii U is ahead of 360. Feb should be interesting as PS3 could wind up in the Amazon top 100 for the month.

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Made me laugh!


Won bet with t3mporary_126 - I correctly predicted that the Wii U's LTD at the end of 2014 would be closer to 9 million than 10 million.

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My guess is PS4 is roughly 50k ahead of XBO and I base this off of nothing :)