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Nuvendil said:
And Wii U is 53 on that yearly, which is a lot better than this time last year. Kinda surprised it's doing so well on Amazon.

The recent model of PS3 (CECH-4301C released I think only since january 2015 on Amazon) is sold at 30$ cheaper than previously. Same situation on bestbuy, the most recent model of PS3 is selling really well at 220$ instead of 250$.

There was an article last year on those newer models explaining the differences, probably in order to lower the production costs.

I think now we can safely assume an official 30$ price cut on all latest models of PS3s 500GB in US by Sony. 

EDIT: I thought you were talking about PS3. Well, here is my explanation of the PS3 situation, dunno about Wii U...

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