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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Smash bros in first person

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Smash bros in first person good idea?

Yeah! 2 4.08%
No! 42 85.71%
idunno maybe 5 10.20%

I was just thinking, wouldn't it be kinda fun to be able to play super smash bros for wii u in first person mode? What do you guys think?

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No, just no.

Would be interesting (like that Option in SFIV 3DS where you can get 1st person view. It's just for Eye candy though). It would be a nice option but utterly useless...

No. I don't think it would work out at all. Imagine all the rolling/dodging... innocent people suffering from vertigo and stuff.

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It'd be vomit-inducing given the need to quick-turn faster than all but the twitchiest of FPSes

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Imagine fighting Mr. Game and Watch in first person mode...

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Dodging and judging distance would be really hard.

Whoa, imagining it so harshly strains the mind that I can't even do it properly.

Given it's fast-paced nature of characters, items, and stages.... absolutely not!!

characters are somewhat inclined to the screen, so in first person view we wouldnt barely see the battle field or other characters.