Forums - Gaming Discussion - What games are you terrible at, but love anyway?

Any fighting games besides Smash. I can't do well on them, but I love some anyways, like King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, and Melty Blood.



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Wright said:

Onimusha. Hack n' slash is a genre I suck a lot at, but I loved playing as Jean Reno.

Same actually. I die so many times playing that game but I love it so much xD

Also, Dark Souls.


Fighting games that aren't Smash. I don't think terrible at them, but I am not that good either.

Fighting games and RTS games. I prefer AI for RTS games, I find pvp too focused on hotkeys and positioning.

Fighting games I prefer pvp even though I get perfected many times.

Actually played Onimusha like Dark Souls on my second playthrough so I did not have huge problems there. First playthrough was a long time ago.

Hide and Seek. As a kid, i was always the first to be found. I just couldn't find anywhere to hide. And it didn't help when we were at my house, where the 2600 was just sitting under the TV, i couldn't resist playing on it.

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Most stealth games.

every fifa.

RTS and 2D fighters.

I wouldnt say i'm terrible, but nowhere near the competitive level.

everything made by arc syste mworks

Most games, especially games that require shooting. A notable example is Bioshock. I was terrible at it, couldn't figure out how to effectively do anything other than just shooting guys with my machine gun, had to play on the easiest setting, but I still loved it for the story and atmosphere.

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