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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo Wins Metacritic's Annual Game Publisher Rankings.

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If they had this plus third parties, they would easily win this gen.

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axumblade said:
Jon-Erich said:

You can buy Bayonetta 1 seperately on the e-Shop.

Really? No idea why I didn't notice that before. Guess when I was on the eShop, i just assumed all Bayonetta stuff was Bayonetta 2. I'm still going to just get the disc for Bayonetta 2 so I don't have to worry about space on my WiiU.

Because the games are sold seperately on the e-shop,  buying one game will give you a discount on the other. But I also got the retail version.

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nintendo = consistent quality. it seems simple enough, but apparently difficult for others to replicate.

that's why i buy their systems and games, and will continue to as long as they make them.

Why on earth would you factor DLC in this? lol

Anyways gratz Nintendo, this is a clear sign of bias. ( I kid)

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That's nice work Nintendo.


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SJReiter said:
To the surprise of no one. They should win this every year.

But they don't. Their output was really good in 2014

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I3LuEI3omI3eR said:

Nintendo released more unique titles than any other publisher

Inbefore "all Mario" arguments. 2014 didn't have many Mario releases. Quite interesting that Nintendo manages to pull that off.

Of course, now it's all about the argument "Nintendo is not a real competitor and therefore not compared to the other consoles in reviews and therefore receiving higher scores" :D

I think Ubisoft has more good games according to MC.

They're definitely the most consistent publisher out there.