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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Screw Nintendo's greed! No ac adapter?! Also...

Lol parents who dont read threads like this?? How about the box its on?? Or the employee trying to sell it them?? No, ok.

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gamemaster4747 said:
Goodnightmoon said:

SM3DW is a 3d Mario game, does not count for you. And I´m tired of reading people with no interest at all on any of the Nintendo consoles complaining about things that doesn´t matter to them just to create a hate halo around Nintendo, i thought VGA forums was more than this...

I told you I was interested in a new 3DS. I rarely ever speak out against Nintendo. I'm not a Nintendo hater. I owned a Wii, Gamecube, and Super Nintendo myself.

I dont´t believe you when you are making a thread about how big is Nintendo greed becasuse they hadn´t release a 3d Mario (they have done it, and has a wonderfull 93 on metacritic, a ***** 93!!!)  and because the New 3ds has no charger when you can find one for 10 bucks, i already have 3 chargers, so I don´t need this, and i´m glad that Nintendo don make me pay for it too, and this happens with mobile devices all the time, and on Europe is pretty normal buy the console without charger, so is nothing new, but some people always need a little detail to turn everything into Nintendo hate.

StarOcean said:
My problem is the lack of a standard New 3DS in NA :c thats why I support #OperationFaceplateNA v.v its growing on Twitter and stuff hopefully it'll make NoA come to their senses and release it here... probably not v.v

That is a curious omission. I wish you well with your operation. I was part of operation Rainfall myself.

ktay95 said:
Lol parents who dont read threads like this?? How about the box its on?? Or the employee trying to sell it them?? No, ok.

Parents don't always read the box unfortunately. That's why I at times would hear kids playing CoD or Gears of War.

KLAMarine said:
You shouldn't buy an N3DS if you feel it to be a bad deal. Contact Nintendo and let them know you think it's a bad move.

Good idea. Many of us should.

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It's ridiculous to not include an AC adapter.

Pasted from the other thread:

Also what?

Also, it's not as if Nintendo is alone in this. Last gen both MS and Sony touted their next gen HD systems and included cheap shitty cables that weren't even HD. Making you go out and buy them. And they both charge for online so yeah. We're in an industry that thrives on greed.

These things run like $5 online.

LOL @ Mario 3D World not counting. For.. reasons I guess.

Consumer confusion won't be much of a problem. You can bet that every store clerk will be hocking AC adapters to everyone picking up a system. It's definitely not a practice I approve of, but it's not exactly unusual for portable devices to ship without power adapters anymore. Hell, I was surprised as hell when my new iPad came with one.

In the end, I get the outrage, but it's also just a $10 adapter...something I'd be more than willing to pay for access to a large library of games. I'd personally recommend you just pick up an original 3DS. There's far more to the system than Xenoblade, and you won't have to pay extra for an AC adapter. There are some nice special editions out there that won't be around for long. Maybe the 3DS's successor will come with an adapter.

gamemaster4747 said:

Also, though not a Mario fan, I have read that Nintendo will make no more mainline Mario games for Wii U. That is wrong. They put out a 2D Mario game, but where is Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Universe? A proper 3D sequel is what Wii U owners deserve. Mario 3D world does not count. Does this not anger Wii U owners?

Not at all. The Galaxy games were the first Mario games I really liked, and Super Mario 3D World was a SPECTAACULAR follow up. I'm not angry (indeed, I have seen very few Wii U owners who are indifferent to the game, let alone angry), I'm quite content.

Yare yare daze...

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Moved from dupe thread:

It's a smart move that saves almost everyone money.

The AC cable is cheap and almost your entire audience has the damn thing. Nintendo saves money on shipping, shelf space, production, and packaging. They also get to offer the device at a slightly lower price.

Fans get a lower price, people who have one don't need to pay, and the excess amount of AC adapters already on shelf means it's cheaper for all parties involved for the consumer to just pick up one that's already stocked in stores.


Nintendo has never said there would not be a new mainline Mario game on Wii U, that was media spinning a quote for some Nintendoom hits. Miyamoto said Mario would take on a new role on the next gen console. Meaning if Mario appears in another mainline game this gen, it'll likely be a sequel.