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Forums - Sony Discussion - FF7 PS4 port is better than a remake!

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Yep, FF7 port FTW! 29 17.58%
No, remake or nothing! 115 69.70%
I wanted FF8! 21 12.73%

Gonna' post my comment from the "FFVII PORT CONFIRMED FOR PS4!!!" thread:

When I saw it, the first thing I thought, and said to my brother who was beside me watching, was "Oh, so they're making the PSOne Classic version playable on PS4? I suppose that's pretty cool..." and then BAM it turns out to be an upscaled version of the game, which to be honest you COULD tell it looked slightly better than the original game, but damn if the textures haven't been upscaled too, it's going to look god awful!

Although I'm still interested in buying it, despite already owning it and playing it on Vita lol (Didn't even bother downloading it on PS3 since it'd look disgusting on a bigger screen, lol).

... Does anybody know if the Steam version had Steam Achievements? Because if so, maybe they'll carry over as trophies? Maybe if it has trophies, people won't feel as disappointed that it isn't a full HD remake, which in my opinion is never going to happen, and was an extremely unrealistic wish, since they've already got their hands full with multiple projects, and this would probably just delay them further!

Also (Wow I'm going on here aren't I?), I thought it fit the Playstation celebrations quite well since it was their first Playstation game (Their second PUBLISHED game, since they published Tobal before it, but I mean the first game they actually made), so what better to celebrate than rereleasing the first game they ever made for the Playstation? It doesn't have to be all shiny and whatever (It's already been released before yeah I know, shush!), I mean, if on your 20th birthday somebody gave you a framed picture of yourself when you were a baby, you wouldn't complain because it wasn't taken with a current camera, would you? No, you'd be thankful they've actually done it for you! It's not like Square HAD to do this...

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Sentient_Nebula said:
Square Enix were such trolls today. No point in making such a big announcement over an upres.

That's simply how Square Enix rolls!

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I know i agree with OP^ I wished we got Ruby/Sapphire instead of ORAS.

Ka-pi96 said:


Final Fantasy VII, one of the greatest games of all time will finally be playable on the PS4 in 2015. It isn't the remake of the game some people want, but I think it may be better than a remake! For starters it is a port of the steam version, so the resolution will be higher than the original anyway, something for the graphics fans out there. But the realy thing is the gameplay and story. They will be untouched! Still in their pure majestic beautiful forms. I mean, come on, we know Square Enix well enough to know they would almost certainly screw around with it and piss off a load of people with a remake, so this is just better.

Oh, and of course another important part is the fact it will be releasing summer 2015! That's like really soon! A remake doesn't even exist so releasing 2015 is better than never, but even if a remake did exist it would take Square Enix like 10 years to actually make it and we wouldn't get it until we all had PS5s (see Final Fantasy VS XIII).

Finally, this may well set a precedent. Good sales of this could encourage Square Enix to port the other Final Fantasy games to PS4 as well, what could possible be better than that?

Please educate kitler on how to do these threads. Thank you in advance.

I could have just played it on my PS1 or PS2....

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I laughed so hard, it was amazing. The square-enix guy was so enthusiastic he was basically shouting about FF7 coming to ps4, Then we get a trailer showing the old graphics and we're all just waiting for it to change to the new graphics... but it never happens.

The biggest troll ever, Square Enix have been on fire recently.

I guess that was not exactly the experience the crowd was looking for but then again at least this will prevent SE from butchering the title and adding Lightning to it hahahaha xD

You do know that if you keep cranking the resolution of old games up, you might see artifacts that make the game look worse? They'd better be careful with the port.

....Said no one.

I was watching and said "Could the finally be doing this?!" But no, just another god damn port of a game that is practically even on graphing calculators at this point.

tiffac said:
I guess that was not exactly the experience the crowd was looking for but then again at least this will prevent SE from butchering the title and adding Lightning to it hahahaha xD

Yep, see. A remake could have ended really badly!