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Does Nintendo Fusion sound like a good idea?

Sounds like a Flop . 14 15.05%
It what Nintendo needs! 36 38.71%
Dunno, need more info. 43 46.24%

Edit: So people are seeing it as just a architecture union, as opposed to some freak console hybrid. Thats makes more sense :) Still skeptical on how this boots nintendo's userbase as opposed to simply splintering what they currenty have into a more even proportion, still favouring the handheld.

Now I don't believe the rumours but its interesting that a lot of people seem to support the concept as a whole. Clarify me if I'm wrong:

-Nintendo Fusion would a Handheld and console in one, with a terminal (A console) and a portable component (A handheld)
-Both Items have their own console specs according to the rumour+ so the portable isn't just for streaming.
-Both systems share the same games.

Please add any other notable features or correct me regarding the above.... 

Reasons why it sounds horrible.


The cost of bundling a cutting edge console with a cutting edge handheld will be huge. The PS4 Vita combo is around  $600 combined. Do we really think Nintendo will sell something for that much? 

Do you really think after the Wii U nintendo are gonna force a $200 plus component onto their next home console?

Do we really think Nintendo would throw away the handheld market by making their next handheld attached to a  $400 terminal.


Now lets assume that the systems will be sold indiviually as well as together as it only makes sense, this brings forth another troubling question. If Nintendo's software is unified across both platforms one of them will suffer significantly, likely the home console. Peope aren't gonna pay an extra few 100 dollars just to play games they already have on a big a screen and vise versa. Again the Vita is a good example of how sharing 95% of your library with a companion system doesn't work. Also imagine PS4 games being capped because they want it to run on the Vita aswell?

If Nintendo really wants to let you play games from one system on another there are much cheaper and sensible options like streaming. 


So what is it I'm missing? 

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Separate consoles.
One Handheld.
One Home.

Games can work on both. - same OS.

we don't know, you don't know... stop trying to be an analyst.

I don't even know what this is supposed to be, I'm sure at this point in time Nintendo's not sure about it either.

I just ignore everything people say about this, it's too far away for us to have any idea of how it would work, if it even becomes a thing in the first place.

Someone plz explain Nintendo Fusion? Sounds like failure.

And now you can see why it sounds like a failure =P

No but in all seriousness it sounds like an attempt to make their home console more relevant again by using the popularity of their handhelds, unfortunately that too is becoming less and less relevant.

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Well, I think the whole "Fusion" thing is an overblown rumour that just won't work realistically.
I believe that what Nintendo means by "unified platform" is a unified development environment (i.e. the same OS) where exchanging code between the console and the handhelds will be easy as pie, so for example Indie devs who want to put their game on both Nintendo's next console and their next handheld will only have to go through porting from other platforms (i.e. PC) only once and their game would be on both platforms, or Nintendo themselves can easily port titles between the platforms (porting handheld games to the console would prevent the "dry periods").

The theory is that you don't have to buy both, you just can buy both if you want to. The games have functionality on both platforms as a bonus for buying both, for instance the Pokemon Plus and Minus rumor mentioned that there'd be exclusive functionality for the Fusion Terminal (the console portion of Fusion) even though it would be a Fusion Handheld game. At least that's what I've heard.

WhiteEaglePL said:

Separate consoles.
One Handheld.
One Home.

Games can work on both. - same OS.

So would one not suffer significantly. Also as specs aren't the same, games need to be ported?

Ezquimacore said:
we don't know, you don't know... stop trying to be an analyst.

No one knows for sure buut what do you think? Also why are you even on this website if you never care to analyse something?

I think its basically, same architecture, same OS but different specs. This makes porting third party games easier and decreases development time for both platforms for all developers. But it still will have exclusive games from Nintendo on the respective platform in order to justify buying both. Its just a lot more games will be coming out for both


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